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St Louis Classic Car Inspections
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Collector Car Inspections
We know what you are looking for.  A clean, well kept classic car that hasn't been chopped up and has quality previous work and a collector car that is worth what the seller is asking for it.  

We will check the body for quality of paint and body work as well as rust and filler (we actually use gauges not just our eyes).  We also will check the interior of the classic car to ensure it's sound and solid.  We also dig into the electrical system to make sure the charging system is functioning correctly, the heater / AC are working, all the power features are operating and of course check the wiring and lighting.  But that's not all, we also dig into the engine, transmission, driveline, suspension, steering and braking system as well as take the collector car for a full test drive.
Independently Owned
We are an Independent and Unbiased U.S Army Veteran Owned Family Operated Small Business in St Louis, Missouri
You can trust our inspection reports to be thorough and accurate not just because of our 20+ years of experience but also our independence from insurance companies and dealerships. We are here to serve our clients and not investors!