What should I expect to get with my inspection? 

I normally take between 100 - 200 photos of the vehicle along with a few videos of it running, the convertible top operating if it has one and a driving video. I also have a 4 page inspection report that you will get in a PDF format that goes over the entire vehicle. This inspection report includes driving impressions, condition reports and my overall opinion of the vehicle. 

Are you willing to travel out of state to do an inspection?

I have no problem traveling for inspections. If you have a vehicle that you're interested in purchasing outside of my normal inspection area, please contact me and we can go over pricing and more details.

Do you offer state safety inspections? 

I do not offer state safety inspections for the state of Missouri. I only perform pre-purchase inspections for vehicles. 

Once my inspection is complete, can we contact you with further questions or will we be charged?

Contact me anytime! I have no problem helping a customer throughout the entire purchase process and won't charge any additional fees. My goal is to help my clients throughout the entire process with advice, tips and to offer any services I can for a smooth transaction.  

Do you work with insurance companies? 

I do! I have done appraisals for individuals to give to their insurance companies as well as worked directly with insurance companies to come up with a pre-accident value or current value appraisal. 

Can you help me negotiate the price of the vehicle? 

Negotiating on behalf of clients is one of the services I provide. With a wealth of experience involving the purchase and sale of thousands of cars throughout my career, negotiation is a task I handle with ease. Whether you prefer to remain anonymous, lack the knowledge of specific questions to ask, or feel uneasy about the negotiation process, I can alleviate the pressure for you.