My Story

Early Days

I graduated college in 2001 with a degree in IT. When I started college, it was a wonderful time to get into Information Technology. But, by the time I graduated, it was in the midst of the dotcom-bubble bursting -- which made finding a career in computers next to impossible. After a day of job searching, a friend and I stopped by a dealership that sold classic cars in the St. Louis area. Talking to the owner, I asked if he was hiring since I was fresh out of college with a computer degree and have always had a love for cars. He hired me and with my help we grew from only 20 cars to over 100 in just a few years. We were one of the first classic car dealers that had an online-focused sales strategy utilizing Ebay for the majority of our advertising and sales.


Starting with a small company gave me a chance to learn every aspect of the business. We quickly grew from not only being a dealership, but to running our own classic car auctions in St. Louis and Scottsdale, Arizona. Then in 2012, I changed dealerships to help run one of the largest classic car dealers in the country. As General Manager, I oversaw every aspect of the dealership. This included Sales, a Full-Service department, Detail department and Restoration department. Meanwhile, I also had a small real-estate business myself.


In 2022, I decided to go into business for myself full-time. Much of my focus is on my real estate, but I always have been and always will be a car guy - which is why I chose to start St. Louis Classic Car Inspections. I’ve seen many car deals lost and purchases missed out on due to inexperienced inspectors over the years, this made me want to start a business where the customer can trust their inspector and have confidence in them. Whether you're looking for a show winner, a nice driver or a potential restoration project, you can trust that I will have your best interest in mind and give you a fair, knowledgeable inspection.